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We appreciate our local news media for helping us get the word out about food insecurity in Collin County:

Latest Articles about Community Garden Kitchen and other Press Coverage:

McKinney Online September 2020:

North Texas E-News – September 2, 2020:

McKinney Online December 2019:

Frisco STYLE Magazine April 2018:

Angela Poen, president of Community Garden Kitchen, aims to end food insecurity in Collin County. — Collin County Child Magazine

Collin County Child Magazine April 2018:

Community Impact April 2018:

Living Magazine, McKinney/Allen Edition June 2016:{%22issue_id%22:%22305355%22,%22page%22:28}

Community Impact February 2016:

McKinney Online Magazine August 2015:

McKinney Online Magazine September 2015:

McKinney Online Magazine October 2015:

McKinney Image January 2016:

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