Q: How much will it cost to build the Community Garden Kitchen?

A: The current estimate is between $850,000 and $900,000.  We are raising $1,000,000 to cover the cost of the building and the first year operational expenses.

Q: Will the Community Garden Kitchen merely be an expansion/renovation of the preschool, Holy Family School?

A: The Kitchen’s physical location will be on the school’s campus and it will certainly enhance the school and the services it provides to the students. But it will be so much more — serving a community of all faiths and ages, people in our area in desperate need. Aside from leveraging the gift of the land on which the Kitchen will be built, the project’s location on the school campus has the added advantage of being in an area of great need.

Q: Will monetary gifts to help build the Community Garden Kitchen be segregated from the school’s general operating funds?

A: Yes! We are two independent non-profits.

Q: How is it envisioned that individuals will qualify to receive meals at the Community Garden Kitchen? Will there be an official “intake” process?

A: We feel strongly that the Community Garden Kitchen’s mission will be best fulfilled by establishing no barriers. No paperwork or intake process is planned. Not only will the absence of these administrative tasks reduce cost, but it will also minimize the fear and shame people experience when they seek help for their food needs.

Q: I would like to help. How can I get involved?

A: Monetary gifts are welcome — click here to donate. Your donation is secure. Donations in the forms of check, made payable to “Community Garden Kitchen” may be mailed to P.O Box 1881, McKinney TX 75070. Also we need volunteers to bring the Kitchen to life! Please click here, input your contact information and we’ll help you put your talents to work on this vital project.

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