The Globe Life Community Garden at the Kitchen Takes Root

Be the seed that helps us grow.The “Globe Life Community Garden at the Kitchen” is off to a great start. As CGK is nearing the finish line with construction of the new kitchen, this other important piece of their nonprofit, is beginning to grow.

The garden will not only be a source of food used by the kitchen chef and volunteers to prepare meals for people in need, but it will also be a place to teach gardening to folks interested in learning how they can grow food, even on a small plot of land.

We have 21 volunteers, seeds planted and more plans underway to design a beautiful garden,” said lead volunteer Lance Alston.

Volunteers have already cleared debris, trimmed trees, and planted seeds. Elizabeth Smidt at Great Gardens, Inc. has designed a beautiful garden for volunteers to build.  McKinney Roots, another local nonprofit, has donated many needed materials to get the garden started.

“We are very excited and grateful to see all the volunteers who are working to create a beautiful and bountiful garden that will benefit so many in our community,” said Angela Poen, president of CGK. “We hope others will want to help us grow too!”

Monetary donations to CGK’s garden will help purchase materials for 16 raised beds, fertile soil, various vegetable and fruit seeds, irrigation equipment, and needed gardening supplies.

The kitchen, where those in need will be able to dine with dignity, is approximately 4,700 square feet and is expected to open this spring. This will be the first kitchen in Collin County to prepare and offer freshly prepared meals to anyone in need, no paperwork required, no questions asked.

To see the full garden design, please click on the link below.

Copy of Globe Life Community kitchen garden design in color (1)


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