Holy Family School: A 501(c)(3) Organization

Holy Family School ExteriorIn February of 1951 Father Jose de Jesus Vega, a Mexican Priest, and his wife Maria Luisa Cardenas Vega opened a school, “La Escuelite” (The Little School), in east McKinney. Thus began the Holy Family School, a nursery school created to care for small children whose parents were mainly agricultural laborers who worked each day in nearby fields.

Over the decades, Holy Family has continued the original mission of Father Vega and his wife, Maria to ensure that each student was kindergarten-ready, healthy, happy, and active.

Our relationship with Holy Family School is one that will benefit both the preschool students who attend the school and our neighbors in need. During the day, the students and staff will use this much needed facility, and in the evening the kitchen and dining room will be open to volunteers and guests.

Click here to learn much more about Holy Family’s history, mission and current operations.

We are so grateful to Holy Family School and its owner, the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, for their enthusiastic support of the Community Garden Kitchen.